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DJ Naomifrancis

Naomi Francis is the new rising star of music. This young, 24-year-old girl has taken the world of music by storm thanks to her energy and emotional power.

Naomi loved the music since her childhood and had chosen to turn her passion into a job in 2014. In her career, she has played in many prestigious clubs and had collaborations with well-known artists such as Vato Gonzalez, D-Rashid, Leroy Styles, Dyna and much more.

These artists consider Naomi an irreplaceable partner for their evenings and were astonished by the technical skills of the girl, her ability to connect with the public and the fact that she always knows what track to perform to keep the audience in the palm of her hand.

Naomi has exploited these collaborations to learn the best tricks to produce songs and began producing her tracks to give to all her production an entirely personal touch and a style that makes it immediately recognizable.

Naomi Francis is the new rising star of music. This young, 27-year-old girl has taken the world of music by storm thanks to her energy.


Fans around the word





Naomi can transform the club with her music and original productions, but she is also able to adapt to the demands of the managers and the public’s requests. If you want a dynamic, young DJ who can change the evening without any problems, then Naomi Francis is an investment that will never be wrong.

Hurry up to contact Naomi, the requests for her music are steadily increasing, and her agenda is getting fuller. Naomi will be happy to play in your club and turn an evening into an unforgettable moment.

Feel free to ask questions and request if you want to listen to a particular type of music or a track mixed differently. Naomi loves the challenges and enjoys satisfying the demands of her audience creating exclusive content for her followers.

Naomi Francis represents energy, professionalism, and creativity, and you will no longer be able to live without her music.