DJ Naomi Francis | About
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Naomi Francis is the new rising star of music. This young, 27-year-old girl has taken the world of music by storm thanks to her energy.

Naomi is young, and her emotional charge is reflected in her music, which is highly energy-efficient and capable of transforming every evening into a historical event.

The audience loves Naomi, and they can feel her passion for the music and her professionalism. Her mission is to play the best music and turn an ordinary evening into an epic party every single night.

Each club should try to book Naomi for each evening to ensure a sold out and the best advertising possible. Every night with Naomi is destined to be a great success for audiences and critics.

To book Naomi, you have to contact her through her website and send an email with all your contact information and the date of the event. Naomi Francis can also be reached through her social media, YouTube, Instagram, and Soundcloud.

Naomi can transform the club with her music and original productions, but she is also able to adapt to the demands of the managers and the public’s requests. If you want a dynamic, young DJ who can change the evening without any problems, then Naomi Francis is an investment that will never be wrong.

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