DJ Naomi Francis | Media
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Official YouTube channel of Naomi Francis, the greatest young DJ in the world.

Who is Naomi?

She is the DJ that has revolutionized the industry with her emotional charge, and she is red hot. Naomi produces her songs and turns a club into the temple of the music every single night.

In her official YT channel, Naomi will upload the official videos of her songs, video blogs and exclusive diaries and extra contents. Naomi will show other sides of her personality and will respond to all of your comments. Sign up to the channel to keep you informed about her activities and support the talent of this young DJ.

All the contents that will be uploaded are exclusive to the YT channel, and the followers will only be able to hear them on this platform, which will become the meeting point between Naomi and her fans.

Naomi is also present on Instagram, Soundcloud and on to make her music more and more interactive with her fans.