DJ Naomi Francis | Music
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Naomi loved the music since her childhood and had turned her passion into a job in 2014.

Naomi is always able to choose the best tracks every night and has developed her style by creating a new music that can being immediately recognizable. Everyone can immediately get in touch with her music and her way of life.

In her official Soundcloud account, Naomi will upload exclusive content, like new tracks, experiments, bonus tracks, and vocal comments. She will also upload her new album, and you can support her talent sharing her music over the web.

Naomi’s music is full of energy and desire to live; she can reach your deepest emotions and turn everyone in you into a party animal and create the ideal atmosphere for the perfect evening.

Join her Soundcloud to gain the privilege to hear new music and exclusive content from her production, and you can talk with Naomi and ask new songs in an interactive and fun way.

All the songs will be uploaded with the highest quality and Naomi will do her best to answer all your comments. You are welcome, and Naomi will be pleased to meet you on her Soundcloud page.

Join the new force of music and be part of a revolution supporting Naomi Francis